A Long-Winded Musing on Vocabulary, Or, That Time When I Didn’t Know a Word

It’s not often—or ever, really—I struggle while reading. I always say that I grew up reading… ever since I could remember, I had a book at the breakfast table, or I read the cereal box if I didn’t have anything … Continue reading

Ain’t Nothing Like Trust Issues

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a snippet from a conversation I had with one of my students about a month ago.

At first, I didn’t make much of it—kids say a lot of odd things, as I have come to learn as a middle school teacher. But a few of her words have been haunting me since she uttered them, and since I’m a writer and my mind works this way, they started to form a blog post.

And now, here we are. Continue reading

Dry Erase Markers Stain… And Other Lessons From 2016

Holy MOLY it’s been a long time! I wish I could say I’ve been away for so long because I’ve been doing something remarkable, like launching a political campaign or patenting the next iPhone. But really, I’ve spent the last few months … Continue reading

The Reason

imageThis single text message epitomizes the reason I am a teacher.

It is the reason I continue to bend over backwards for kids, day in and day out, despite the nagging thought that there has got to be an easier, more enjoyable career out there. It is the reason I persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable struggle and unimaginable challenge.

It is the reason I do what I do.  Continue reading